Instructions for

Choose the type of damage
Does not start (dead)
The oven does not start.
Moisture and rust in the oven.
The hobs does not start

1. Check if the fuse in the switchboard is activated.

2. Check if the oven or the hobs are out of power. This will help us to know that the power is not the main problem.


3. Check if the power cable is in good condition.

1. Select all programs in sequence from the program switch and set the temperature to the maximum value.

2. If your Cooker have electronic clock setting, must first be activated.

3. Check the temperature switch if heard the characteristic activation sound.

1. It is necessary to keep open the door of oven after finish the cooking. This help us to avoid the liquefaction of water vapor and the issue with the moisture.

2. After cooking we must clean the oven with dry cloth.

1. Check if child lock has been activated.

2. Keep clean the surface of the hobs, to prevent the activate of short circuit protection.

3. Check if the issue is part of the hob or the whole appliance. In this case, must check the power cable.

4. Induction hobs operate with proper utensils.