Instructions for
Washing Machines

Choose the type of damage
Does not start(dead)
Noise or vibration during operation
Water remains in the bucket
Washing machine leaking.

1.  Check the fuse in electrical panel of house.

2. Check the socket with another electrical appliance.

3. Check if the power cable is cut.

4. Check the power button by pressing it for 3-4 times.

1. Adjust the base legs at the bottom of appliance to balance it properly.

2. Check if you have removed all the safety brackets from the appliance.

3. Put less clothes especially if they are woolen.

1. The sink drain is clogged.

2. The water outlet hose is creased.

3. The drain pump does not work.

Remove the filter cover who located on the lower right side of appliance.

Drain the water with the assist of the black pipe.

Use a towel to collect the water.

Remove the filter.

Check the rotation of propeller.

If it turns with difficulty, then must be changed with new one. In this case probably will need to be changed the whole drainage pump.

1. Check the water supply hose for possible damage.

2. Check the detergent drawer for debris.

3. Check the washing machine door for debris.

4. The siphon is blocked.

5. The drainage pump has been damaged.